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Philips Lumea BRI957 Cordless 9000 Series IPL Hair Removal

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Ireland DHL Express Delivery in 2-3 days | Shipping includes Duties & Taxes.
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Philips Lumea IPL 9000 Series BRI957 including 4 attachments

The IPL hair removal device is suitable for long-lasting hair removal on the entire body. Thanks to the 4 included attachments, legs, back, armpits, face and bikini line can be treated easily and effectively after shaving, waxing or epilation. For best results, do the first four treatments every two weeks and the next eight treatments every four weeks.

Product advantages:
➢ Fast & effective: Light impulses interrupt the growth cycle of the hair, which means you can already see successes after the first treatments
➢ Body attachment: Thanks to its curved design, this attachment adapts ideally to the body contours & effectively covers large areas of the body.
➢ Face attachment: Smaller tower with a special light filter & small flash window for thorough hair removal on sensitive skin
➢ Underarm attachment: Medium-sized tower in specially curved design for treating hair in hard to reach parts of the body
➢ Bikini top: Gentle hair removal thanks to a specially developed transparent filter for hair in this area
➢ SmartSkin Sensor: In order to select the right light intensity, SenseIQ technology measures your skin tone and recommends the correct setting
➢ 450,000 light pulses: The lamp has a lifespan of 39 years
➢ Lumea app: The app offers you step-by-step instructions and creates a personal one Treatment plan including reminder function

Scope of delivery:
1 x electrical IPL device incl. 1 x face attachment, 1 x body attachment, 1 x armpit attachment, 1x bikini attachment as well as 1 x power supply unit and storage bag
* On average 78% less hair on the legs after 12 treatments

Set contains:
1x BRI957 / 00
1x body attachment
1x face attachment
1x armpit attachment
1x bikini attachment
1x luxurious bag
1x cleaning cloth
1x charging cable

More Information

Is Lumea IPL hair removal suitable for me?
Philips Lumea Prestige works effectively, easily, and safely on a wide variety of hair and skin types. It works on naturally dark blond, brown and black coloured hairs and on skin tones from very white to dark brown. As with other IPL hair removal based treatments, Philips Lumea cannot be used to treat white / grey, light blond or red hair and is not suitable for very dark skin*. This is due to the high contrast required between the pigment in hair colour and pigment in the skin tone.

Is the flashing light on my Lumea safe for my eyes?
Philips Lumea has been developed with your safety in mind and does not hurt your eyes.

What differs between salon and at-home treatments?
Philips Lumea IPL technology is derived from the technology used in professional salons. We have, however, adapted the technology for safe and effective use at home.

The lamp on my Philips Lumea is failing
Philips Lumea is equipped with a high performance lamp, which does not require replacement, so that you can continuously maintain results for many years to come.

What’s the difference between IPL and laser treatments?
IPL and laser treatments are equally effective for hair removal. There are, however, some differences between the two:
IPL vs Laser
IPL contains a broader spectrum of light (like a photo flash) while laser emits a single beam of light (like a laser pointer). As a result of the single beam of light the laser treatment might be perceived painful. Furthermore, laser treatment usually requires a longer treatment time, as the treatment window size is smaller than with IPL devices.

Can Philips Lumea be used by men too?
Yes. Philips Lumea has been optimised for use by women, but can be used by men as well.

Does the Philips Lumea treatment hurt?
In the extensive amount of (clinical) research carried out into the Lumea, no women rated the experience as painful, providing that correct settings, according to skin tone and hair colour, were used.

Why do I need to remove hair before a Lumea treatment?
To ensure that the light energy is channelled to the hair root in the most efficient way and not lost in the hairs above the skin's surface, body hair has to be removed. However, pre-treatment is only necessary while hair is still visibly growing back.

What is the difference between Slide & Flash and Step & Flash mode?
To make the application as easy and comfortable as possible, Philips Lumea offers two different application modes:

Slide & Flash mode
This mode is to treat large areas (e. g. legs). You do not need to lift the Lumea between flashes. Instead you just slide it over the skin while holding the flash button pressed throughout the application – it will flash as you go. This makes the treatment of large areas easier and faster.

Step & Flash/Stamp & Flash
This mode is for small and bony areas that are more difficult to treat (e. g. knees, armpits).
Place your Lumea on the skin, release a flash, lift it off from the skin and move on to the next area.

How does the SmartSkin sensor feature work for Lumea Prestige?
The SmartSkin sensor helps you choose the right setting. Since body areas might differ in skin colour, please consult the SmartSkin sensor for each body area separately in order to use the right setting.

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